Providing amazing
solutions and content
for interactive projects


Benjamin Fox Studios is an independently operated full time studio located in Southern California, offering a full range of services. While services tend to be specialized in interactive, web and digital, I work and collaborate with a range of highly skilled and sought after industry professionals to also provide video, print and graphic design services.

I like using the term "Jack of all trades, master of some" to describe what I do. Chances are, if I don't directly do the work you're looking for, I have someone in my network (that's exceptionally good) that does.

Are you looking for someone to help take your project to the next level?

I'm a seasoned developer that was Head of Technology in a busy London agency before launching my own endeavour full time. I bring a lot to the table because I've helped the companies I've worked for grow, and build a strong reputation for delivering quality content. This was done from both a standpoint of technical excellence, but also from clear communication directly with clients and efficient project management procedures.


I'm proud to have worked with the following brands and companies, either directly or through a partner agency.

Why we will work well together

  • You want to deliver compelling digital experiences, consistently.
  • You have a concept or project that you need to apply some technical magic to for a sensational result.
  • You have an idea or product that you want to apply business logic to, testing its viability or improving its efficiency.
  • You're an agency looking to set your concept apart from the others in new and interesting ways.
  • You've out grown your current web site, or your web application is struggling to grow and you need to expand quickly and professionally.
  • You need reliable, proven results.

Successful projects, for me, are about solving problems in a meaningful way, not just delivering a product that ticks the boxes on a spec sheet. If you like how that sounds, let's work together.