Code & Technology programs at Moorpark City Library

Since 2014 I've provided multiple code and technology programs at the Moorpark City library. The initial 3D printing workshop I ran triggered some of the other libraries in the county to follow suit and purchase their own 3D printer or laser cutter, and kicked off a county wide maker collective known as the MakerBox program, and, more recently, acquisition of VR capable computers and head sets.

Despite it being one of the smaller libraries in the county, the workshops boast a higher attendance rate than those run at larger libraries, with patrons travelling in from other cities to attend.

The flagship program at the library is the Teen Tech Week intiitative that I've held for three consecutive years, introducing a range of technology to the teenage patrons including video game design, generative coding, 3D design, hardware design, 3D printing, vector art & vinyl sticker creation, pixel art, Virtual Reality and retro gaming. Moorpark is still one of the only libraries in the county to put on such a wide variety of tech programming.