HYPE framework, GLSL shaders, generative design and creative code

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Joshua Davis' work. He's been a source of inspiration for a long time (yep, I remember praystation v1, dreamless, and the video of red food coloring in the eyes!). When he released his Flash framework, HYPE, to the world, I wanted to get involved. I made a few L-System based behavior classes for it, and attended his workshop in London. Then I did some work to improve the kaleidoscope engine for use with AS3.

Then Flash died.

Processing was the logical progression for a lot of Flash users, and HYPE lent itself well to being ported across.

Here we are, seven years on, and I'm a major contributor to the framework. Josh and I collaborate on a lot of things, and most recently have been exploring GLSL shaders and using them within HYPE.

Generative design and creative coding is a passion for me, and one that I like to try and pass on to others through code sharing and workshops at the local library. I'm constantly collaborating with others in the design community and always looking for new collaborators or partnerships.